I also faciliate a range of creative workshops to acccomodate different needs improve their future life quality and confidence, alongside personal one to one coaching support to accomodate needs of Dyspraxics and parents accordingly.  These typically last 2 hours each and include: 

Group coaching workshops take a strenghts/resource-based approach involving discussion and creative role play exercises (experimental drama derived) to help individuals thrive!  I particularly specialise in exploring interpersonal/social problems to manage conflicts or practice small talk/challenging conversations with others when faced with issues at work, with family, friends, dating/romantic relationships and more within individual's personal lives.  These approaches can help individuals find ways to respond, improve their confidence, gain new perspectives/insights and increasing awareness, develop coping strategies unearth resources/resources, expand your comfort zone, reduce overthinkining to improve your life experiences.

I also support individuals with issues relating to organisation and planning challenge, particular in relation to improving your self care.  Here I use a range of coaching methods from creative mapping and comparing respources by similar means as above, to address such as time management, procrastination, non-verbal communication such as body language, tone, pace..etc comparisons to find effective solutions.  Commonly individuals have explore any issue they wish to with the group (unless topic specific) which can help them connect with others, gain more clarity, increase motivation, set goals to improve their future.  Please be advised it may have several coaching sessions to resolve complex issues. 

Please see the news and updates section for further information if you would like to attend and contact me if you require any further information.