Please note that all services are conducted either online or in person (for those local to glasgow) to accomodate different needs, preferences and locations so to receive support.

Strengths-Based Group Coaching for Dyspraxics (online): Introductory Workshop.  Tuesday 19th April 7:30-9:30pm UK time.

Very special introductory workshop for Dyspraxics on identifying and understanding your personal strengths and ways to apply these to manage challenges you are experiencing by discussion and creative role play exercises on a personal level.  This special workshop can help you understand yourself, gain new perspectives, apply your top strengths, reduce overthinking, and expand your comfort zone to flourish in the future for only £10-£12 suggested donations per person.  During this workshop I will invite 1-2 attendee to explore a challenge of their choice with the group.  So if interested please get in touch for further information and to book as it would be great to see you there!  Do note that I hope to run the above workshop on a regular basis subject to demand.

Pleased be advised that although the above workshop can help you explore a range of Dyspraxic related challenges from interpersonal, procastination, planning & organisation, self-care, work issues..etc this would not be appropriate for those experiencing major distress such as severe depression and/or severe verbal dyspraxia due to its nature.  For this reason I will require to have a short 20min informal discussion with new and prospective client interested before allowing you to join.  Thanks for the understanding and any questions please do not hesitate to contact me for more details.